Fall brings many different family traditions, one being pumpkin carving!

I spent an hour and a half with the Patterson Family to document them carving a pumpkin and a little bit of their evening routine.

Big family of 5!

Love Micah’s expressions!

Break for some trampoline fun!

Sweet moment between Mama and son!

Let’s check out the final product!!!

It was still a little too bright outside to see the light, but I snagged a photo of it as I was leaving after dark.

Gah! This has to be one of my most favorite pictures ever!

Larger families have so much extra chaos, but so much extra love!

After working up a sweat, it was time to go inside and cool off.

I stuck around for the remaining time until the children went to bed.

This moment completely describes parenthood!

Mom is reading the kids a book. The youngest is reaching out for Mom, playing a joke. The middle child is chewing on Mom’s hair. The oldest is playing with his loose tooth.

Night Time!

Does it look like Nathan is happy about it!? 😀

Much Love,


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