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Seriously. It’s something that everybody talks about and everyone knows… Birth is completely and utterly unpredictable. As a birth professional, this does not make our jobs easy! We can only guess as to when baby will want to come earth-side and meet his/her parents. “Due dates” don’t really matter, ultrasounds aren’t very accurate, and knowing how dilated a Mom’s cervix is means absolutely nothing about her progress. So we guess and we come up with rules or guidelines.  The purpose of this post is to celebrate the extraordinary home birth of baby Bria, and to also provide a perfect example of just how unpredictable birth can be!

Halloween 2016

Yes, you read that right! Baby Bria was born on Halloween! I had spent some time with this Mom and knew that if they had a choice, the one day they didn’t want their precious daughter to be born was on Halloween. With a due date of November 7th, what were the odds of that happening anyway? We had many scares weeks prior that Bria would be ready to come soon. Prodromal Labor is real folks!!! And for this Mom, she had it bad! Her body was definitely practicing and preparing for birth!

Early Halloween morning, I received a phone call from the midwife telling me that she was heading over to their house and to start getting ready because she could tell by the sound of her voice that this was the start of real labor. I get up, and start getting my daughter ready to go to our on-call babysitter. I receive an updated text from the midwife saying Mom was only 3cm dilated, but also seemed to be progressing quickly… I needed to head that way soon, but there was no real rush. So, I finished getting my daughter ready and got my things together and left. I was about half way there and I received another text message from the midwife saying “She feels pressure.”

Okay… OKAY. Don’t panic Lawren, Don’t panic!

Nope… I panicked!!!  😀  and I hauled a$$! It was all back roads, so I took advantage of it!

I arrive at her house, grab my things, and run inside. Get my camera, take off my shoes, and walk into their bedroom to assess the situation. Mom is laying on the bed and the midwife is right next to her. Mom looked at me and said “Baby is here”, smiled, took a breath, and said again, “Baby is here.” WHAT!!!? (I believe that was my actual response!) I finally looked closer and realized that she already had her brand new baby laying right on top of her! The placenta hadn’t even been delivered yet! :O  After taking a few pictures of Mama and her brand new baby, I went to go check my phone to see when text messages were sent vs the time baby Bria was born.

She went from 3cm to baby being born in about 45 minutes! According to text messages and time of birth, I was 7 minutes late!

This was the 6th birth I had ever photographed, my first home birth, and I missed it by 7 minutes!!! Ahh!!!! To make matters worse, this was one of my portfolio building sessions! But, all turned out just the way it should have. This family will forever tell Bria’s story of how her birth went so fast that the only person who made it was the midwife!

I stayed for about 6 hours and got some breath-taking herbal bath photos. Since the tub was all set up (they didn’t even have enough time to use it) Mom decided to take a relaxing herbal bath with beautiful flowers! A photographer’s dream!

<3 Lawren

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