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Birth Photography FAQ

Lawren Rose Photography, a dallas birth photographer, takes a photograph of a husband holding his wifes neck while he kisses her head during labor

What is Birth Photography?

Somewhere you’ve heard your friends talking about photos of births, or you’ve seen pictures on Pinterest… even Huffington Post has written articles featuring some of the best birth photos around the world. Somewhere, you’ve seen a picture floating around of a new Mom giving birth to her brand new baby. Her face says it all! She’s happy, she’s scared, she’s in pain, and she just pushed a 10 pound bowling ball out of her vagina! In all seriousness though, that moment in your life is one of the most incredible moments you will ever experience.

That is Birth Photography… a photographic documentation of the birth of your child and the support you received from the people around you. It is a series of images that tell your unique birth story.


What cities do you cover? Is there a travel fee?

I am currently serving most of Dallas and Fort Worth area in Texas, although I am willing to travel further for a fee.

If you are outside of DFW (or if travel time is more than 1 hour), a travel fee will incur. The amount will vary depending on your location.

What should I wear?

Since I am a documentary photographer, I don’t like to direct in any way or change anything about the environment. However, I have been asked this question enough times that I should probably list it here in the FAQ! Honestly, I want you to wear whatever makes you comfortable! “Wear what you normally would wear” is a phrase I say way too often! If you really do need some direction, play it safe and stick with solids.


How much do you show in photos? I am concerned about modesty.

This is the most frequently asked question, and I completely understand why! During our in-person meeting we talk about these things and discuss what you are comfortable with showing in your photos. If you don’t want any crowning/emerging/baby’s-head-coming-out shots, I can adjust where I am standing and get at the right angle to where it’s covered.

Do you use flash?

I am a photojournalist at heart. That being said, I will not use flash unless it is absolutely necessary. I want to show your story in my photos… if you wanted the room to be dark while you were laboring, then my photos will reflect that. If I find that I can’t do my job due to the lack of light, I will try to speak to others about turning on a light in a nearby room to spill some light into your birth area. If there just isn’t another way, I will resort to using flash. If I need to use flash though, don’t be alarmed! I will point it towards the ceiling or wall and you will not even notice it!


What do I expect when you arrive to my birth?

At this point you’ve already called me and I have already left to your birthing location. When I arrive, I take mental notes of your birth space, how you’re feeling at the time, and what the rest of your team is doing. I discreetly begin photographing what I see, whether it’s your partner giving you a back rub or your doula doing hip squeezes on you. Depending how far you are into labor-land will determine if you notice me there or not. I have had short conversations with laboring Moms before between contractions, and after they have their babies they always seem to ask me “When did you arrive?” as if I hadn’t been there that entire time! It’s interesting what labor-land does to you! 🙂

Why would I want photos of my birth?

The real question should be “Why wouldn’t you want photos of your birth?” You need photos for your birth for the same reason you need photos for your wedding! It’s a big life event! Becoming a parent is such a huge part of your life, it completely changes who you are. Plus, babies and children grow SO FAST! Sooo soo fast… and you can’t go back in time and change your mind if you chose to skip hiring a professional.

I always say… the photos you regret the most are the ones that weren’t taken.


How much does birth photography cost?

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your due date. Once it’s paid, you can then choose which collection/package option you want. Each collection is different in what it offers. Please Contact me to receive my information document.

Why is birth photography so expensive?

I hear pretty often of people expressing how expensive birth photography is, so I think a quick comparison would help put it into perspective.

Think about your wedding day when you are hiring a wedding photographer. If you want someone who’s good, you’re going to spent a few grand. Birth photography is like wedding photography, except the date of your wedding is unknown and can happen anytime within a 6 week window. The length of your wedding day can be anywhere from 3 to 30 hours long, and you won’t know how long it will be until you get there. The time of your wedding could be at 8pm, or it could be at 2am… you aren’t sure and you wont know until you’re ready to get married.

It’s so easy to dismiss birth photography for some reason, but the reality is that the photographs from your birth are probably going to be cherished more than the photographs from your wedding. There is a process in labor where your body takes you to labor land to find your baby and bring him/her earth-side. It is also called the birth haze, which describes your foggy memory of your birth experience. Once you come back from labor land, you wont quite remember how you got there, but you “wake up” once you’re baby is born. If you’ve hired a professional birth photographer, you are ensuring that you have photos/videos to remember how your birth was, who was there with you supporting you, etc. Once you see your photos, the fog begins to clear and you can relive your birth experience. We had a birth photographer for the birth of my daughter, and just seeing the amount of unconditional love I received from my husband makes our birth photos trump our wedding photos over and over again.

Do you offer any bundles or package options? 

Yes, I do! Please Contact me to receive my package options!

Another thing I honor is Grandfathered Pricing! If you hire me for Birth Photography, I will honor the same price for your next baby as long as you hire me for each Birth after! If you hire me for a Family Session, I will honor the same rate for each session after that as long as you hire me at least once a year! Note: Grandfathered Pricing is for the original price at that time and does not include any discounts.

When do I call you?

As your due date approaches, you will experience different signs that your body is preparing for labor. I would love to receive text message updates as things start happening so I can prepare the best that I can. I have a family at home that I need to make arrangements for, so the more notice I have the quicker I can leave to get to you if things are moving fast.

I prefer to arrive at your birth location when you are in active labor… and because active labor looks different for everyone, the time that I come to you varies greatly. I don’t go by any measurement or dilation, I go by how you feel and what your focus is like during each contraction. All of this is discussed when we meet in person or at your birth team meeting.