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Family Sessions FAQ

How are your Family Sessions different from everyone else’s?

There’s no posing, no awkward chin tilts, and definitely no looking at pinterst for ideas! I only do documentary photography, 100% of the time. This means that all of the photos taken of real moments happening in your real life. This is not your typical “dress in coordinating outfits and say cheese” type of photos. Instead, you do what you normally would do, dress as you normally would, and just be YOU!

What types of sessions do you offer?

Documentary photography can be used for just about anything! Maternity, Newborn, Fresh 48, family vacations, infant milestones, moving homes, and birth! You can read about it further in a blog post here.

For my shorter family documentary sessions, I offer 2 hour and 4 hour options. If you would like a longer session, please look a my Day In The Life sessions or Birth.

Which option to choose is dependent on what you want photographed. If you only want 1 activity photographed (such as playing at the park), a 2 hour session would be perfect. If there is more than 1 activity taking place, 4 hours minimum is required. Keep in mind, the longer I am with you the more comfortable your family gets with me and my camera being there. I always seem to get the best photos at the end of a 4 hour session!

For current pricing, please contact me to receive my info packet.

What should I wear?

Wear what you normally would wear! If you don’t normally wear matching clothing with the rest of your family, don’t wear matching clothing with the rest of your family! If your kids normally run around pant-less, by all means let them run around pant-less! These are for your family, your kids, and your grandkids… and it makes everyone more comfortable if you’re comfortable (which makes my job 100x easier)!

What cities do you cover? Is there a travel fee?

I am currently serving most of Dallas and Fort Worth area in Texas, although I am willing to travel further for a fee.

If you are outside of DFW (or if travel time is more than 1 hour), a travel fee will incur. The amount will vary depending on your location.

Note: We travel to San Antonio a couple of times a year, sometimes going to Corpus Christi as well. If you would like a family session while we are already in these cities, there will not be a travel fee. If you are having me join your family for vacation, there will not be a travel fee.

What if my kids misbehave and throw fits?

Not to worry! That’s life! And life is so beautiful just the way it is, tantrums and all!

All children will throw a fit at some point during the session, that’s just what they do. I expect it and I embrace it! Every fight or tantrum is a part of real life and it helps me make great photos. If your child decided to shout, scream, or cry, you will probably see me photographing it a lot more than expected.

Why would I want a documentary session over the traditional posed portraits?

Because most Moms and Dads don’t realize just how much they love one another, and how much they are loved back. Parents have the hardest jobs, and this style of photography will help show each of you how appreciated and lucky you are!

These photos get more precious with time. They are the ones that 5+ years down the road, you will look at and remember things the way they used to be. When your children get older, these will be the photos they go back to over and over again and be plunged into a sea of remembrance.

When should I schedule our family session?

That depends on which moments you’d like captured. Often, families will come up with a list of fun activities for everyone to do and just schedule the session during an evening of fun. However, I highly recommend for family sessions to take place either early in the morning or later in the evening, during your normal family routine. This could look like… children just waking up and getting out of bed and the family making the traditional Sunday pancakes, or it could be an evening at the park followed by dinner, bath, and bedtime routines. The best photos come when you are the most relaxed and not worried about a camera being around.

What are some activities we can plan?

This is a list I’ve come up with for various activities you and your family can do on the day of the photo session! Of course, you are not limited to only these!

  1. Flying kites or playing with pinwheels
  2. Frisbee, football, baseball, or anything with a ball
  3. Playing with bubbles, in a sprinkler, or with water balloons
  4. Swimming or going to the beach
  5. Jump rope, hopscotch, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk
  6. Fishing, horseback riding, etc.
  7. Eating popsicles, ice cream sundaes, watermelon, etc.
  8. Finger painting or playing with play-dough
  9. Family game night
  10. Apple picking (or other fruit)
  11. Baking pie or other desserts
  12. Making PB & J sandwiches
  13. Picnic in the park or grilling on the weekend
  14. Drinking hot cocoa, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores
  15. Camping, singing around the campfire, hiking
  16. Building a snowman, having a snowball fight, sking
  17. Short family vacation to a theme park, zoo, aquarium, etc.
  18. Weekend family vacation
  19. Any and all holiday traditions and activities