Day In The Life

Lawren Rose Photography takes a photo of a father dancing and jumping with his 2 year old daughter

This is what Documentary Family Photography is all about! The best way to create a documentary of your life is through a full day session, or a Day In The Life session. The session begins the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed. Rise-and-shine is different for every family, but the DITL sessions I’ve done so far have started at 7am and ended around 10pm.

With an all-day session, you have so much more time to get comfortable with me being apart of your family and to forget my camera is around. When you’re comfortable, the moments that happen are more real and more routine.

Lawren Rose Photography takes a picture of a family of 4 celebrating the birth of their new son Arlo. The picture shows 3 hands and fingers digging into a birthday cake while baby arlo lays nearby

A 15 hour family photography session for a 3 day old newborn in Farmers Branch, Texas