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Documentary Family Photography

Documentary photography (also known as photojournalism) is used to chronicle events or environments, both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life. When you apply this approach to families you end up with what’s called “Documentary Family Photography”! This means your life is history in the making! Every photo you take now will be looked at for generations to come, and probably laughed at because of how “behind” in times we were. Who knows what technology will be like 50 years from now, and who knows what the newest hairstyle trend will be. The way we feel when we look at old photographs from our grandparents will be the same way our grandchildren will look back at ours when they are older.

Lawren Rose Photography captures a sweet moment between a mother and son blowing bubbles in the bath during their documentary family photography session in Dallas Texas

Documenting Your Family

A lot of people get this confused with the popular “lifestyle” photography, however, documentary family photography and family photojournalism are not posed or directed whatsoever. We do not open the window blinds or turn on the lights, or ask you to repeat a moment during your session. You do what you normally would do and we integrate and become a part of your family. What makes documentary family photography so special is that you end up with photos of your real self! The laughs, hugs, and tears are all real! And the couch in the photos… well that’s the one you grew up with and was handed down to you, stains and all. Every day we make new memories, and most of them will be forgotten in no time unless you have photos or videos as proof.

This is something that really hits home for me.

In 2013 and 2014 we had multiple deaths in the family (5 if you want to get specific). Each time someone passed away, the family would gather and go through old photographs together telling each other of all the memories they had. I still remember going through my Papa’s old documents and finding a letter the military had sent his mother to let her know he was injured during World War 2! It was like finding buried treasure! We also found a ton of old photographs he took while he was in Germany, it was crazy looking at history right in front of us! My Papa passed away at 92 years old… can you imagine what our children and grand-children will look at 60+ years from now? What memories will they have of us? Will there be photographs of our everyday lives for them to look at? Even worse, will you be in any of those photos?

Get in the photo!

Give your future family the gift of having you in photos with them, seeing just how much they were loved by you.

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