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Birth Photography

Birth Photographer Lawren Rose Photography captures a photo of a brand new baby looking up at the camera just minutes after he was born

The moment you become a parent is everything.

The amount of feelings and emotions that bombard you is indescribable.

For 40 weeks you prepare for this one day, this one moment when you meet your baby for the first time… and much like your wedding day, it’s gone within a blink of an eye.

Eventually, months go by and if you’re anything like me you’ve already forgotten all the little details of your birth story. You will find yourself talking with friends and family trying to explain what it was like to go through labor and birth… yet, you have a hard time remembering much. All the sleepless nights you’ve had with a newborn baby have warped together what little bit you do remember. If you hired a professional who specializes in birth photography, then you can rest assured knowing that you will have high quality photos of that day to remind you of the special moments you had with your birth team.

Lawren Rose Photography captures a loving moment between a husband and wife right after they became parents to a precious baby boy in dallas texas
Lawren Rose Photography takes a picture from above looking down at a Mom sitting on her bed holding her brand new baby with the placenta nearby during her home birth in Dallas texas

Documenting Your Birth

Your birth space is a very sacred place, and I highly respect it. This moment in your life is very intimate and personal, and I feel incredibly honored when a family wants me to be a part of their birth team.

When you hire me to document your birth, I am on call for you starting at 37 weeks. Being on call means you are getting me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you get priority over any holiday or special event going on. Once it’s been confirmed that you are in labor, I will get ready and head your way. I start taking photos the moment I arrive and finish about 2-3 hours after your baby has been born. There’s no set number of hours or a time cap, so you won’t be charged extra if labor happens to go 12+ hours. This is your birth and your journey into parenthood… and I will be there every step of the way!

“Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions,
your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.” -Ina May Gaskin

When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2015 I did a ton of research and learned all the ins and outs of birth and how the process worked. While I don’t remember all of the little details of my birth, the one part I do remember is how comfortable I felt in my birth space and how my body knew exactly what to do. There wasn’t a moment where people were asking me to push and then counting to ten, it was 100% my body doing it on its own! Each contraction is powerful and intense, but they leave you feeling like Wonder-Woman! Having felt the power of birth myself is what makes me so passionate about it and has led me to photograph the experience for others! I absolutely love the process of labor and birth and it’s by far the most beautiful thing to ever witness on our planet!

I want to support you

Take the pressure off your partner by inviting me to be apart of your birth team!

Reserve Your Due Date

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