Lawren Rose Photography - a dallas family photographer, takes a picture of a mom and dad sitting together with a cup of tea and their 3 day old baby
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Documenting Your Family

I take the photojournalistic approach to each and every session. This means I do not open the window blinds, turn on the lights, or ask you to repeat a moment during your session. There are no awkward chin tilts and no fake “cheese” smiles. You do what you normally would do and I integrate. The photos you receive after your session are real and authentic. The laughs, hugs, and tears are all real! And the couch in the photos… well that’s the one you grew up with and was handed down to you, stains and all. Every day we make new memories, and most of them will be forgotten in no time unless you have photos or videos as proof.

Still Photos

Each photo taken is freezing that moment in time, capturing your family, your home, and your relationships with the people around you. Your life is history in the making! You can expect to receive anywhere from 90-150 photos for a 3-4 hour session, each one edited to my style. The amount of photos you receive depends on how much activity is going on while I’m there.

nothing is more beautiful than real life.