What Does It Mean To Be A Professional Birth Photographer

DFW Birth Photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, takes a photograph of a laboring mom wearing a purple shirt leaning against the wall while her husband is behind her providing support

A good photographer has a fancy camera.

A great photographer has a “fancy camera” and understands how all the settings work together. They understand how different moments call for different settings, and it’s not all “auto” or “one size fits all”.

DFW Birth Photographer, Lawren Rose Photogrpahy, quickly captures a photo of a dad applying pressure to his wife during labor at a home birth in richardson texas
DFW Birth Photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, captures a moment when a Mom just has her newborn baby girl in a water birth at home, looking and gazing at her husband and son

A good birth photographer knows that being on-call is difficult and does their best to drop their life in an instant to rush off to a birth.

A great (professional) birth photographer knows all of these things and more… they know how to handle their camera in extreme low light settings. They are knowledgeable in the birth process and what happens with each stage of labor. They can walk into a birth space and know what their next move should be… whether it be that it’s too early and they should stay back or that Mom is deep into labor land and they have a good range to travel without interfering. A great birth photographer respects the birth space and knows that pointing a camera at someone who is not far into labor land may cause labor to stall.

a denton birth photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, takes a photo of a laboring mom looking like a birth goddess

A birth photographer who is a true professional will charge what they are worth, because they know what it takes to be on call and they take their job seriously. If they have children, then they have a team of people behind them waiting to pitch in at a moments notice. They have back up childcare and back up professional birth photographers for the rare moment that they can’t make it.

A professional birth photographer is willing to miss special occasions, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and their children’s first day of school without question. They understand the importance of being on a “birth team”, and put every ounce of energy into supporting you throughout your labor and birth.

Lawren Rose Photography, a DFW Birth Photographer, captures a new dad gazing at his newborn baby girl under the heat lamp at the Frisco Centennial hospital
Dallas Birth Photographer Lawren Rose Photography takes a picture of a husband comforting his laboring wife

A professional Birth Photographer is there to support you and only wants to see you succeed! They won’t judge your decisions on how you choose to give birth, but become very passionate about you being treated right in your birth space. They want to see that your birth plan is respected and that you aren’t treated as if you don’t matter.

And of course, a real birth photographer absolutely loves what they do and almost becomes addicted to it! They love being on your team and know that their job is extremely important in how you are able to process your birth after it’s over.