July 2018

Documentary Family Photography – Personal

Being a birth worker, I’m typically always on call, and depending when due dates line up taking one month off doesn’t give you very much off-call time to relax, turn off your phone, or enjoy a short vacation. I had planned taking off for July and got lucky with a full 3 weeks of off call time, so we took advantage of it and went out of town for 10 days!

During our trip out of town, we went to a Lake near Victoria, Texas with my sister’s family and a whole bunch of her friends. I debated back and forth on whether or not I wanted to take my camera with me… because 1) it’s not cheap to replace it if it touches water, 2) I really enjoy putting down the camera to enjoy the moment happening in front of me. Sometimes being focused on making pictures takes away from enjoying life as it is… but, I packed it up just in case. And thank God I did! The sky was just absolutely beautiful, the sun was in a perfect position, and the kids were all having so much fun that these perfect pictures kept coming up in front of me!

Scroll down to enjoy some summer fun! While my first reaction is to not take out my real camera, I am so happy I did this day. I think I’ll be making a new personal goal to take my camera with me places so I actually have proof that we went out had lived our life.

Lawren Rose Photography, a family photographer in dallas, takes a picture at lake victoria of kids playing in the lake
Lawren Rose Photography, a documentary family photographer, takes some personal photos at a lake in texas
A documentary photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, takes photographs of her daughter floating in a lake
A Documentary family photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, takes pictures of kids jumping and playing at Lake Victoria
Lawren Rose Photography takes a photograph of a boy throwing a football in a lake with bright blue sky behind him
Lawren Rose Photography takes personal photos of her daughter in front of a lake in her swim suit dancing it up
Lawren Rose Photography takes a funny picture of her daughter who has sausages sticking out of her mouth
Dallas Family Photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, takes an environemtal portrait of a young girl sitting on an inflatable unicorn
Lawren Rose Photography, a Dallas family photographer, captures a photo when someone is pushing someone else off a float in the lake
Documentary photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, waits for the perfect moment to take a photo of a father spraying water in his daughters face
Lawren Rose Photography, a documentary family photographer, captures an image of a boy jumping very high into the lake
Lawren Rose Photography captures the perfect moment between two girls who are sitting in grass blowing bubbles
Lawren Rose Photography, a dallas family photographer, captures an image where a bunch of kids are playing and swinging pink pool noodles around