New Branding Update

As you may have noticed, I have a new logo! It’s still a rose, but the color and style changed a little bit. There will be a lot more changes coming up, but I’ve been too excited about this new logo that I had to jump right into it! The new logo has taken shape to resemble rose quartz. This change is an extremely important part of my journey, my work as an artist, and what I have to offer to all the families who hire me. Keep reading!

The Story

Denton Birth Photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, sneaks a photograph of hands supporting a laboring mom in the hospital hallway of texas health presbyterian in denton

Just over 1 year ago, I photographed a birth for a unique family. They are intuitive people as well as energy healers. They saw how I worked and told me some things about myself using language I didn’t quite understand. They said I was a great space holder, and I kept my energy neutralized. While they knew I was in the room, I simply integrated rather than being distracting or becoming a “fly on the wall”. I had no idea what these things meant! 

After spending many hours (and dollars) on my self-discovery journey, I finally know who I am or what I do that makes my work so unique. The way I live and approach life has ultimately changed. I have a new perception of the world around me and a new outlook on life. What does this mean for you? As an artist, this means my work is going to be evolving and shifting, and the way I will be documenting families lives going forward will be even more special!

a denton birth photographer, Lawren Rose Photography, takes a photo of a laboring mom looking like a birth goddess

Space Holding: When you hold space for someone, you come to them without judgement. You bring your entire presence to them, leaving your baggage at the door. You walk along with them sharing their journey to an unknown destination, yet, you’re completely willing to end up wherever they need to go. You give your heart, let go of control, and offer unconditional support.

Trying to define what “holding space” means is a hard one, because it’s something that’s felt not described. However, I will do my best to translate it! When I come into your birth space, I become what’s called a “space holder” for your family. I witness and validate your miraculous journey while becoming a container that you can empty your energy and emotions into. Even though most people in labor don’t ever talk to me (or even acknowledge my existence) I am a big empath and use all the information I soak in to help me document your birth story. If you’ve ever noticed how one birth film is different from the next – a different feeling, vibe, style – it’s simply because I followed the flow of the family. The photos and video I end up with will be much different than the other families.

I have always said that the birth space is a very sacred place. While it continues to hold it’s truth, I’ve also been able to add to it and give it more value. When a woman is in labor and things start to pick up, the people she chooses to have in her birth space impacts the outcome of the birth. Believe it or not, if you have anyone around you while you’re laboring thinking negatively, that will directly impact your experience or the baby’s experience. This is where I learned the importance of neutralizing my energy before entering the room. It was never something I consciously did, but I recognized that every single time I was in “work mode”, the rest of the world (including my own problems) didn’t exist. 

Being a “Fly on the wall” is a common term to describe how birth photographers work, even I have used this term to describe myself a lot. But the truth is I don’t necessarily disappear, I integrate. I do the exact same thing for my documentary family session – I become a part of your family for the duration of the session. I will talk and laugh at jokes, and it helps me get the photographs I need of your family. I am never that awkward person sitting around waiting for you to do something interesting! 

In your birth space, I only talk to you if you talk to me. You are doing hard work, and I will never be a distraction – that is my number 1 priority. Since I am an empath and I’m holding space for you, I can easily pick up on when I need to back off or when I am okay to get closer.

Rose Quartz

I knew for many months that I needed to change my logo (and even hired someone to help me with no success). Then one day, I was a quarter of the way in on a sound healing session when it came to me – rose quartz! The stone of unconditional love! It opens the heart to all types of love – love of self, love of family, love of friends, etc. Because it is a type of quartz, it has high vibrations which can help calm and soothe. In every aspect of my work, there is love. It is love that fills a birthing room and what makes the space so sacred. It is love that is exchanged from parent to child during a documentary session. It is love that I use to capture and document all these moments for you. I choose to bring love and send love to all my families who are transitioning into parenthood.

My work as an artist will forever be evolving and growing. Since the changes are so profound, I want to continue to have this openness with all my clients moving forward! I have to give a lot of credit and thankfulness to all the families who have allowed me into their space during these incredibly intimate moments! I wouldn’t be here without any of you! Words can’t express the gratitude!

<3 Lawren