Photography is Art

I am not just a Mom with a fancy camera, I am an artist with a unique ability to see the world in a different way. I’ve been surrounded by the basic principles of art for my entire life, which led me to my bachelors degree in art in 2012. When I don’t have a camera, I make pictures with my eyes as I see color, balance, shapes, composition, and light in the world around me. Just as a painter would put their emotions and past experiences in their paintings, each photograph I take has my own emotions and experiences in them. When I take your picture, it’s because I see patterns, light, balance, and composition… I see pain, heartache, love, and worry. I can feel your energy and your vibe, and I work with you in your birth space. When you hire me, you are hiring an artist.

Read more about how I work in your births space in this blog post.

This is how I roll

I want to hang out with you! I am your personal artist! In order for me do my job to the best of my abilities, I must know who you are! So, I require in-person meetings before attending your birth. Not only is it great for you to see exactly who is going to show up when you are in labor… for me, meeting you during this time also gives me the opportunity to feel your energy and vibe. I bring along a questionnaire to fill out while I’m with you and I answer any questions you have lingering. It’s not the answers to the questions that matter, it’s the way you answer them that help me. I know your schedule is already crazy busy, so I stay flexible with days and times to meet! Plus, I come to you!

Reserve your estimated due date. I only take a limited amount of births each month, so be sure to leave your deposit to reserve your EDD. I often book up in advance, so don’t wait! I go on-call for you at 37 weeks gestation (this is when your balance is due). But don’t worry – If you are one of the rare few who have their babies before 37 weeks, I’ll still come if I’m not at another birth. The only reason I mark my on-call/off-call times is so that I can take trips more than an hour away and indulge in an extra glass of wine!

It’s baby day! Holy crap, that went by fast… it’s confirmed that you are in active labor and I am heading your way! When I arrive I observe the birth space and get a feel for where your at. If you are planning a natural unmedicated birth, I will see how far off into labor land you are and assess my next moves. I may stay back depending how you look, sound, etc. If you are well into active labor, I typically come closer and may be right next to you. Trust me though, you won’t even know I exist! If you are planning an epidural, well, I may not be able to hide very well! So, I’ll blend right in! If you’re chatting it up, I’ll chat it up with ya!

Relive those intimate moments. Most of my birth packages come with sneak peek photos within 24 hours, so you can relax and look forward to having a few high quality photos to share with your friends and family on social media. The time it takes to receive the rest of your images/video varies depending on which package you chose and if I had births back to back before yours. On average, it takes me around 2-4 weeks to deliver a full gallery of images or your shorter PG version of your video, and 6-8 weeks for your full video. Great things take time and I will keep you updated every step of the way!

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all!

We all like it! But I’m sad to announce that it doesn’t grow on trees, so we have to pick and choose where to spend it. As your due date approaches, you’ll start to see your wallet become empty and the printing on your credit card will start to wear out and become illegible. I hear ya! Trust me, I do! I have a little one and I know how much it costs to assemble your birth team. I also know how expenses can pile up quickly and unexpectedly. Heck, you’ve got a baby on the way!

Here’s the thing though… at the end of the day, it’s just you, your partner, your bundle of joy, and your photos. And if you ain’t got the photos, then you better have a good memory!

Alright… you and I both know the only reason you clicked on this page was to look at how much I charged! So I’ll give it to you straight.

Birth families spend anywhere from $1700 to $2900.

Parenthood Documentary families spend anywhere from $600 to $2200.

…Now look at a placenta photo for fun

a birth photographer in dallas and forth worth texas, Lawren Rose Photography, takes a photograph of a placenta surrounded by home birth tools and newborn exam tools during a home birth

Let’s Be Real.

If you want something of really good quality, it’s not going to be cheap. However, it’s going to be worth it.

Professional photography or videography is an investment. It is not something you should take lightly, especially for birth. Majority of you reading this right now probably spent a couple grand on your wedding photographer – and here is the comparison… birth is a 1 time event that literally cannot be redone. Let me repeat that again…

Birth Cannot Be Redone!

You can’t push your baby back up your vagina like you can pretend to walk down the aisle again. And even more importantly, you can’t pick and choose the time you go into labor. The date and time of your big event is unknown, and you won’t know it until it’s time for me to pack up and head your way.

Because I know hiring any professional expert can be a financial sacrifice, I do my best to work with families who see the value in what I have to offer but can’t afford to pay it all at once. Please Contact Me to hear more about my no-interest payment plans or read more about my new gift registry option by clicking the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my labor is really long?2019-08-15T10:54:54-06:00

Giirrl, I am so sorry! I can only imagine how tiring it must be! But, you won’t have to worry about extra fees piling up the longer I’m with you. My fees are flat rate fees no matter what! If you happen to have a longer labor, I may step out for breaks or join your birth team out for dinner. But don’t you worry, I got you! I have been at births as short as 4 hours and and as long as 40+ hours!

Do you share every birth on social media?2019-08-15T10:55:19-06:00

I absolutely love it when clients allow me to share some of their amazing birth images on my Facebook and Instagram! Being an artist, anytime I create great work I want to show it off! Sharing your images also allows other potential clients to see my work and judge whether or not I am good for their team. That being said, I 100% respect each and every family’s desire to keep certain images private. This is something that is always discussed when we meet and I always triple check with my clients after they receive their images! I won’t share anything until I have a “Yes, you can share those images” from you.

When do you arrive?2019-08-15T10:55:54-06:00

I prefer to arrive at your birthing location when you are in active labor… and because active labor looks different for everyone, the time that I leave varies greatly. If you are planning a natural home birth, I don’t typically go by your number of dilation since most Mom’s don’t always get checked. I do go by your history, how frequent your contractions are, how strong they are, and what the rest of your birth team is doing. If you are birthing at a location other than your house, I may meet you at there. All of these things will be discussed during our first meeting and/or through text when you are having signs labor is near.

What cities do you cover? Is there a travel fee?2019-08-15T10:56:14-06:00

I serve all of DFW and will travel to surrounding areas without a travel fee. I currently reside in Plano, and I’ve traveled to cities just west of Fort Worth, all the way up to Celina, and as far south as Mansfield. If you are outside of DFW, a travel fee may incur.

When is the best time of day to schedule a parenthood session?2019-08-15T10:56:33-06:00

The best time for parenthood sessions to take place is either really early in the morning when you are just wiping the crust out of your eyes, or later into the evening ending when you are going to bed. I have found the best and most real photographs come from those time frames. However, if you have something else in mind, I won’t say no! 

What should I wear?2019-08-15T10:56:51-06:00

Since I am strictly a documentary photographer, I don’t like to direct in any way or change anything about the environment. However, I have been asked this question enough times that I should probably list it here in the FAQ! If you know hands down you want to share your beautiful images with the world, I highly suggest wearing a bra of some type, or even a long dress/skirt if you are modest. For the Dads… pay attention to what shirt you’re wearing that day. Large print, logos, or the shirts with phrases/puns on them may not be what you want in your photos. I always say, if you want to play it safe, just go with solids!

Do you use flash?2019-08-15T10:57:10-06:00

No, nope, no way! That’s my first response! I will not use flash unless it is absolutely necessary. I want to show your story in my photos… if you wanted the room to be dark while you were laboring, then my photos will reflect that. If I find that I can’t do my job due to the lack of light, I will try to speak to others about turning on a light in a nearby room to spill some light into your birth area. If there just isn’t another way, I will resort to using flash. If I need to use flash though, don’t be alarmed! I will point it towards the ceiling or wall and you probably won’t even notice it!

Will you take photos of my vagina?2019-08-15T10:57:29-06:00

Only if you want to! During our in-person consultation we will talk about these things and discuss what you are comfortable with showing in your photos. If you don’t want any crowning/emerging/baby’s-head-coming-out shots, I can adjust where I am standing and get at the right angle to where it’s covered. Keep in mind: These photos are for YOU, not for me. I take my role seriously in what I share on my website and social media – all the photographs you see have been approved by the family. So, if you want all-the-photos, you can have them!

Why do I want photos of my birth?2019-08-15T10:57:47-06:00

The real question should be “Why wouldn’t you want photos of your birth?” You need photos for your birth for the same reason you need photos for your wedding. It’s a big life event, even bigger than getting married! The unfortunate thing though is that you can’t go back in time and redo it. You can’t reenact a birth like you can a wedding, if the moment is missed it’s gone forever. Becoming a parent is such a huge part of your life, it completely changes who you are! Especially us Moms, we go through so many hormonal shifts that we literally change – emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. Plus, babies grow SO FREAKING FAST it’s not even funny!

When do I call you?2019-08-15T10:58:07-06:00

As your estimated due date approaches, you will experience different signs that your body is preparing for labor. I would love to receive text message updates as things start happening so I can prepare the best that I can. If your water breaks and contractions start, call me! If you have the midwife coming over or you are heading to your place of birth, call me! Giving me all the information you will only increase the odds of me making it in time. Keep in mind: I may not always be able to leave last minute without having some preparation. I could be getting my daughter ready for school, meeting a client an hour away, or I may be at another birth! An early heads up is always appreciated.

What is Birth Photography?2019-08-15T10:58:26-06:00

Somewhere, you’ve seen a picture floating around of a new Mom giving birth to her brand new baby. Her face says it all! She’s happy, she’s scared, she’s in pain, and she just pushed a 10 pound bowling ball out of her vagina! In all seriousness though, that moment in your life is one of the most incredible moments you will ever experience.

That is Birth Photography… a photographic documentation of the birth of your child and the support you received from the people around you. It is a series of images that tell your unique birth story.