Your birth space is a very sacred place, and I highly respect it. This moment in your life is very intimate and personal, and I feel incredibly honored when a family wants me to be a part of their birth team.

When you hire me to document your birth, I am on-call for you starting at 37 weeks. Being on-call means you are getting me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you get priority over any holiday or special event going on. Once it’s been confirmed that you are in active labor, I will get ready and head your way. I start taking photos/video the moment I arrive and finish about 2-3 hours after your baby has been born. There’s no set number of hours or a time cap, so you won’t be charged extra if labor happens to go 12+ hours.

You can choose to preserve your memories in still photos or motion pictures.

Fun Fact: I grew up on a 75 acre farm in Floresville, Texas. At one point we had 90+ goats, and I helped my Papa feed them after school. When I was around 9 years old, my older sister and I watched one of the goats walk out into the field and give birth unassisted. It was incredible! 

Still Photos

Each photo taken is freezing that moment in time, capturing your emotions, your feelings, your surroundings, your birth space, and your support team. One picture can bring back so many memories! When you choose to have your birth documented with still photographs, you can expect to receive anywhere from 75-300 images in your final gallery, each one edited to my style.

Motion Pictures

Your birth film is a cinematic video of your birth story… start in labor, going through birth, and finishing up after the newborn exam. This is a movie about you and how awesome you are, and about your family embarking this new journey! Every birth film includes video footage from your birth layered with audio from the scene. Your final movie will include music from real artists and musicians, typically without words.

Photo/Video Fusion Slideshow

NEW! A slideshow of still photographs and video clips in a slideshow format!

The birth of your baby is the most important day in your life… and it’s beautiful! But don’t let yourself forget it! Document it, cherish it, and have proof you were a bad ass! 

Lawren Rose Photography, a DFW Birth Photographer loves being on a birth team to support the laboring mom and soon to be father

My favorite part about documenting your birth is being on your birth team and supporting your family. This photo was taken with my first repeat client, and it has to be one of my most favorite photos of all time! While I may not offer physical and verbal support, I am there for you emotionally and spiritually cheering you on and reminding you of how incredibly strong you are through my photographs.