Labor & Birth

Your birth space is a sacred place.

Boy, I wear that line out from saying it so much! But it’s true! When you are in labor, the area around you is precious, intimate, and pure. Your space should be filled with love and support. Positive vibes only! My role as your documentarian is to be present and be a witness as you and your partner work hard to bring your sweet baby earth-side! I come in your space with neutral energy and zero judgement, and I hold space for you. You can read more about how I work in a recent blog post.

Space Holding: When you hold space for someone, you come to them without judgement. You bring your entire presence to them, leaving your baggage at the door. You walk along with them sharing their journey to an unknown destination, yet, you’re completely willing to end up wherever they need to go. You give your heart, let go of control, and offer unconditional support.

From one Mother to another, I’ve been there! The contractions and pressure waves take over your body. It’s intense and the waves come in strong… but it’s your body! Even if it feels like you can’t continue on, you remain powerful and you transition with the help of your birth team. The moment when you hold your baby makes all oh-so worth it! Birthing your baby is a miraculous ceremonial event, and you’ll never regret having these photos. This is when your life changes.

Still Photos

Each photo taken is freezing that moment in time, capturing your emotions, your feelings, your surroundings, your birth space, and your support team. One picture can bring back so many memories! When you choose to have your birth documented with still photographs, you can expect to receive anywhere from 75-300 images in your final gallery, each one edited to my style.