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Bravery Is…

“Bravery is…” is my personal project, a gift for other families. It is a never-ending photographic series for families whose world has been completely flipped upside down… and it started with a very brave little boy named Rowan. (Click here to read his blog post) Almost Everyone dreams and plans for their future, the next 10 or 20 years, trying to build their American Dream. What house will we live in? Who will we marry? How many kids will we have? What will be our passion? You chase your dreams, hit milestones, and then one day something happens and it changes everything. Life as you knew it was instantly gone, and now you’re forced to start writing a new chapter in your life story. This is where I come in to photograph and document your journey. This is a new beginning for you and a new kind of normal, and you deserve to have pictures of this to pass down to your children or grand-children. Life is hard, and sometimes it feels like you’ve been punched in the gut. The only thing left to do now is be brave.

Blog Posts About This Project

Bravery is… Savannah

Bravery is... Savannah In Memory of Savannah Maria Illumina Corley It took me some time to gather my thoughts and emotions for this post. This is the second blog post [...]

  • Lawren Rose Photography takes a very personal photograph of a little boy coming out of surgery hooked up to a bunch of wires sitting in bed in dallas texas at the childrens hospital

Bravery is… Rowan

Bravery Is... Rowan Dallas Family Documentary Photographer - Hunter Syndrome Too often I see others around me receiving dramatic news that pretty much flips their lives upside-down. The best I can do is [...]

Project Application

Interested in being a part of my project as a special family, or know someone who would be perfect for this? Please fill out an application below!

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