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Mom and daughter sitting on couch

Welcome to the 3rd blog post for Baby Hurley #2! If you haven’t read the first two posts, please click here.

As weeks go by, baby Hurley is getting bigger and bigger! Since I am photographing Ashley’s pregnancy journey, we thought it only made sense to include a prenatal chiropractic adjustment as one of the family photography sessions! She goes every 1-2 weeks so it’s a big part of this baby’s story. We couldn’t wait too long, because her chiropractor is about to have a baby herself! She was 39 weeks in all these photos and looks absolutely stunning! How does she do it? The only thing I remember from being 39 weeks pregnant was how much I really enjoyed the couch!

Pregnant Mom talking to pregnant chiropractor
Pregnant mom getting chiropractor adjustment
Pregnant Chiropractor Adjustment

Little Miss Emerson was all over the place, watching and helping Mama get adjusted! If you can’t tell from these photos, she was quite entertaining! She was definitely my muse and really fun to follow! (Isn’t that how it always is?)

Mom getting an adjustment with daughter at her face
Daughter caressing Mom's hair
Mom and daughter at the chiropractor
Daughter helping Mom get a chiropractor adjustment
Chiropractor smiling and patients daughter
Daughter hovering over her mom getting adjusted
baby girl kissing her mom
Daughter cuddling with Moms face
Pregnant Mom getting Chiropractic Adjustment

How rare and unique is this moment? A pregnant Mom giving a prenatal adjustment to another pregnant Mom? I could NOT pass up this opportunity to photograph this! I feel like I hit the jackpot!

pregnant mom getting neck adjusted
daughter hugging mom while she's getting adjusted
prenatal adjustment from pregnant chiropractor
Daughter laying on top of pregnant mom
little girl between two pregnant moms

Now it was Emerson’s turn! I was SO impressed by how well she did! It wasn’t long ago when we were talking about the adjustments being less than enjoyable, to say the least! 😀  But Emerson got right up on the big girl table and didn’t skip a beat! It’s like she has been doing this her entire life! 😉

little girl getting a big girl adjustment
Mom watching little girl get adjusted
mom and daughter bonding
little girl getting her neck worked on
little girl getting a chiropractic adjustment
Mom looking at daughter getting adjusted

How awesome is this!? Chiropractic care during pregnancy is such an important tool when trying to relieve pain and discomfort, and when trying to prepare your body for labor and birth. I’ve heard so many stories (including my own) of how it’s helped women during labor. A little bit of self-care can go a long way!

This family photography session was taken at The Nest. I promise not all these photography sessions will be taken here! It just so happens that this place is AMAZING and has a ton of helpful stuff for families who are expecting!

Chiropractic Care by Free To Be Chiropractic

little girl coloring in a coloring book on the floor
mom and daughter hold hands while walking
little girl biting moms finger

Thank you for letting me follow your journey!

<3 Lawren

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