Day In The Life – Arlo’s Third Day

A 15 Hour Documentary Newborn and Family Session

When I first started to specialize in this style of photography (documentary family photography), I knew that I would one day like to offer full day sessions to families. In August I photographed one of my best friend’s birth and knew that I would want to do some sort of a newborn session with them. A light bulb went off in my head and I quickly realized this was the perfect opportunity to try out a real Day In The Life documentary family session from start to finish!  I reached out to Ashley (the new Mom) and she was very excited about the idea!

I arrived to their house at 7am. The family left a key for me outside so I could get in if they weren’t awake. I walked in and sneaked into their bedroom. I took a few photos and then left the room. I stayed alert so I could back in and get more photographs when they started to wake up. About an hour later, Dad got up with their 2.5 year old daughter, Emerson, and got breakfast going. Mi-Mommy (Ashley’s Mom) was there to help everyone adjust to the new addition.

Do you remember what it was like when you had a newborn at home? The only thing I remember was the lack of sleep! Being that this session was happening when baby boy Arlo was 3 days old, the family took multiple opportunities to sleep during the day. When they did that, I got myself something to eat or worked on my laptop a little bit until everyone woke up.

As the evening approached, the family tried to get into somewhat of a normal bedtime routine. Mom got to enjoy a nice herbal bath and shower while Dad helped watch Arlo. After Mi-Mommy read Emerson a night time story, everyone headed to bed. I left around 10:30 at night knowing I got some incredible photos!!!

This session was not only done when baby Arlo was 3 days old, but it was also done when Mom was 3 days postpartum. All of us mothers completely understand what the postpartum life is like after having gone through it… but it’s almost as if you have to go through it all on your own because it’s not something people like to talk about. My hope is that these photos bring light to the importance of self-care during the first few weeks and months of postpartum life.  We don’t have to do this alone. 

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