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In 2015 we found out we were pregnant with our first child and I somehow stumbled upon something called “Birth Photography”. I was an art addict and actually had taken some pictures for family and friends the day they delivered their babies, but I didn’t realize it was a thing that people hired professionals for. When I found out it was a thing, I did a long and extensive search to find professional birth photographers in our area. We met with Brittany who owned Brittany Brooks Photography, and I convinced my husband we needed this!

Fast-forward to our birthing day, the doula we hired had contacted Brittany to let her know I was in labor and headed to the birth center. I was well into active labor and hardly remember the car ride! One thing I do remember is getting out of the car, looking up and seeing Brittany already there, and then trying to haul a$$ to the birth center door so no one would see me bend over in pain during the next contraction (which by the way was a huge fail!). We went inside and I got into the birthing tub, and Claire was born 3 hours later. We were there for a few more hours afterwards and then went home.

I honestly don’t remember Brittany ever being there! I don’t really remember anything from that day, especially now that that day was over 3 years ago. However, I do remember receiving our birth photos and realizing how important this was for me. This was my first baby and my first time experiencing labor. I knew what a doula was supposed to do or what a midwife was supposed to do, and I knew what birth was supposed to look like according to all the birth classes we took… What I didn’t realize how much support I actually received during labor. I didn’t know what support actually was until I saw it in the photos I received.

These two photos are my absolute favorite photos from our entire gallery… and my daughter isn’t anywhere in them.

Now that I am a birth photographer and videographer myself, I have noticed in my own work what quickly becomes my favorite… and it’s the photos that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the fact that you’re pushing out a baby!! The best photos are the ones that show the intimate relationships you have with your birth team and support system. Of course, having professional photos of your baby the minute they are born is very exciting, but that’s not the only thing Birth Photography is about. Just take a look below at some really great photos that don’t have your baby (or your vagina) in them.

Lawren Rose Photography a birth photographer in Denton, texas takes a picture of a husband and wife hugging during labor
Lawren Rose Photography, a birth photographer in dallas, takes a shower photo of husband and wife laboring in the shower during their home birth in celina
Lawren Rose Photography, a dallas birth photographer, takes a picture of husband and wife being intimate during labor in their home
Lawren Rose Photography captures a photograph of a husband holding his wifes hair while she throws up in labor during a home birth in little elm
Lawren Rose Photography takes a picture of a midwife holding onto her laboring client during a home birth in flower mound, Texas
Lawren rose Photography, a dallas birth photographer, takes a picture in denton texas as dr cummings holds the hands of his patient in labor
Lawren Rose Photography takes a picture during a dallas texas home birth where a doula is holding the hands of a laboring mom
Lawren Rose Photography takes a picture of a husband and wife supporting ecah other during labor at a home birth in little elm texas
Lawren Rose Photography takes a photograph in a denton hospital where family and friends help support a laboring mom in the hallway
Lawren rose Photography takes a picture as a laboring mom is holding onto her husband during a dallas home birth
Lawren Rose Photography takes a picture during a home birth in Richardson, Texas of a doula helping a laboring mom
Lawren Rose Photography a dallas birth photographer takes a picture during a home birth in the colony of a laboring mom in the birthing tub with her husband by her side, and her family nearby watching
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